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My individual projects which reflect my style and design philosophy


Technical Level Design Set In A Top-Down RPG
Focus Areas: Game Design, Level Design & System Design


Character Movement Design Set In An Open World
Focus Areas: Level Design & Game Design


Full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

Programmers, Animators, Artists & Technical Artists

These games run on game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.

ODS right size.jpg

3D Obstacle Racer

Overated Delivery Service

Defy the laws of traffic safety and general sense as you race to deliver your sausages in this unreal delivery simulator!

runmir right size.jpg

3D Mobile Puzzle Game


Illuminate all crystals by manipulating light itself in both direction and color in order to test your mental prowess.

silence right size.jpg

2D Shoot-em-up

Silence the sun

Take control of a being, born from the suffering of outcasts. Take vengeance by shooting down the opposing force and evolve your monster as you tear your way through humanity’s last city.

embla right size 3.jpg

2D Platformer

Saga of Embla

Navigate to the core of a corrupted landscape looking for your brother while helping your trusted companion Saga cleanse the land.

gobbo right size.jpg

2D Adventure

Gobbo Island

After crashlanding on a strange island, you must fight off monsters and solve puzzles in order to rebuild you ship and go home.

spite right size.jpg

3D Action RPG

Spite: Order of Chaos

Bludgeon your way through hordes of enemies to save the high priest before your order falls to evil.

familiar tale.jpg

3D Platformer

A Familiar Tale

Keep your courage as you explore a mushroom infested forest, full of puzzles and help your grandma in need.


Project 8

Not Yet Announced

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.

Group size: 16 game developers

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